Tuesday, 1 May 2012

1st TiME !

Guest what ?! It is my first time !! FIRST TIME OK !!

FALL IN LOVE ? teeeeet
Take DRUG ? teeeeet
Beat people ? urmmmm..  myb it'll be u next.. hahaha .. just kiddng meh :))

Actually it was my first time met with this creepy creature

Nice to see but once u meet, start running ok >,<

so please En Tahir ~ NEVER asked them to come again
instead of brougt them to our college
why don't u bring this little fellow :))

See how freaking cute they are >,<

kekeke.. So today my topic is about Chinese New Event
the truth is , that dragon actually not scared me at all
maybe it just me being  tOo OVER REACT when i saw 'it' chasing the girls all over the building
when actually it only wanted to have fun with us =='

SO these are the PIECES OF MEMORY that i had along the celebration
Not To Much But Each Of It Had Priceless Value :D

Chinese New Year Card in The-Making


Reaally awesome and pretty rite ? My class nver failed to please and amazed people out there
but i don't know y we always get the 2nd place :'(
perhaps it is not our fate to live happily ever after with the No 1#
but we will find the way out

   I'm proudly present to u  ..............


representative of my class for question & answer game
i can see how hard they struggle 2 win this game
However , the game didn't end very well
bcoz of some issue which gjkvajhwjfvjqfuvfjjgewug ( *too much to xplain. Please define by ur own word)
btw , u guys did very well .. WELL DONE !!


I also had a new name in chinese. weeee ^^
U can search among all these names
and tell me when u find it
The 1st person that find it
will get a free Log Out from my blog
So what are u waiting for ?

So that's all for now .. I need to charge my energy .. bye-yeom


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