Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My DreaM Car

'Assalamualikum & Ni Hao ^______^

If i asked each one of u, talked or had a vote
"What is your dream car? "
U always thought of expensive, stylish, elegant and often exaggerated cars such as Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes and bla bla bla......


people always said  "if i study hard enough and secure good job after graduate,
that Ferrari is goin to be mine. Yes my dear ^^ only in your dream !!
Yea yea yea.. I noe everyone have their right to have a dream car
there's no rule saying that u can't dream about having one

However, don.t be confused with yourself when the word of "DREAM' is used in the car scene
I personally define dream car as a car that One Can't Afford at any current state
When reality slap on ur face, u'll realise u gotta pay off those loans from college
ridiculous credit card, children fees and bla bla bla...
So how much is ur money left to buy the Ferrari
(naik feri je la yang mampu)
That's y we called it as a dream car. Dream can be true but the truth fact is
 It is hard to be fulfill unless u have magic or u noe someone like Rumplestilskin
 Nevermind ....

This time I want to show u my dream car
but i noe it won't happen because it won't!!

Introducing to u
from Malaysia tO New York
My dream car

that's y i called it as MY DREAM CAR =)


eNcikeSS said...

waaahhh...wat the amazing DREAM car...hahaha..i think the car sound like this DREAM>>DREAM>>DREAM>>DREAM>>DREAM>>DREAM>>DREAM>>DREAM....

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