Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Untold Secret .. keep it shhhhh !!

Assalamualaikum & bonjour ^_________^ 

 it will break ur heart

helo3x .. Attention please !!
(ceh pd hal aq sorng je yg bc blog ni.. mcm la ad org pduli)
Hurmmmm .. straight to the point, i want to mke a confession 2day
so please tke it sriusly if u r my enemy bcoz this secret is worth to be told

So where should i start ?
let c if u still interested with my story or not
Solve this question first

Find i :

9x-7i > 3(3x-7U)

hehehe.. inform me when u get the correct answer : ))
(i noe it ll be only me answer this- FOREVER ALONE)

Proudly present 
a drama produced, edited and deleted by her ownself

                                           director : ina dwitchi
                                           script     : ina dwitchi

Scene 1 ( at the bus stop kuala berang)

Ms Solo : Err.. sorry,  phone....
Mr Single :???
Ms Sole: Umm ..... how i am going to say this
Mr Single : What's wrong ?
Ms Solo: Actually u sit on my phone =='
Mr Single: Eh Sorry .. X terprasan plak
Ms Solo: Oh, it s ok .. can u please ..... 
Mr Single: Nah.. I'm sorry .. I didn't notice that (he's smiling at me)
Ms Solo:  Nver mind.. it s ok *almost faint when see his smile*
Mr Single: anyway, how long have u been waiting ??
Ms Solo: Sorry ?
Mr Single: Eh no no ! i mean .. How long have u wait for the bus.
Ms Solo:Oh .. myb 15 mnt
Mr Single & Ms Solo : blalala .. bla.. bla ...

Mr Single: Eh my bus is here. U don't be jealous k ..myb u should walk .. haha
Ms Solo : Eh, that's my bus k .. U see that driver is my father.
Mr Single: Are u srius ??
Ms Solo: Of course not ! hehe
Mr Single: Really ? where r u going to actually ??
Ms Solo : Kuala Terengganu
Mr Single: Oh me too ! So we are going to same place
Ms Solo: Yes !! *deep in my heart

Scene 2 ( in the bus)

Sorry .. Since it is my SECRET .. y should i tell u everything ??! kahkahkah (pd hal aq sorng je yg gelak)


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